The Project Management Team

At Artscape we have learned that in order to take on the development of complex, multi-dimensional developments, a strong project management team is essential. Watch this short film to see Tim Jones, Artscape President & CEO, discuss how the project management team came together at Artscape Wychwood Barns.


Tim Jones, President & CEO, Artscape

Built around a small number of dedicated individuals who bring a range of leadership, skills and experience to the project, the project management team comprises:

Project Champions are community leaders, people with influence locally and politically. This person’s involvement in and commitment to a project can be a critical factor in its ultimate success.

Visionaries are the dreamers and risk-takers who, often with very few or no resources at the outset, have the passion and drive to take a project from idea to reality.

Activists are the people with energy and enthusiasm who believe in the project, contribute to and share the project vision and have the enthusiasm to turn naysayers around and keep other supporters engaged with the project.

Enablers are the developers and administrators who provide the technical project management capacity the project requires.

Facilitators, mediators and helpers connect the project management team and project teams to resources, processes and other professionals which may be required to drive the project forward.

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