Top Tips for Working with an Architect

Below you will find some top tips for working with an architect. To learn about the process of hiring and working with an architect in more detail, click here.
  • Make sure that you understand clearly the manner and method used by your architect to accomplish the services that they are providing.
  • As the client, it is likely that you are neither an architect nor an engineer. The nuts and bolts of permitting, design and construction are complicated. Never hesitate to ask questions until you understand the answers. It is the architect’s job to answer your questions.
  • Seek your architect’s advice always when making decisions.
  • Delegate work to the architect – they should be offering to administer almost everything to do with coordination and administration of design, permitting and construction. The architect is the hub of the project wheel.
  • If your architect’s focus is on designing a building that is a reflection of their creativity while ignoring your practical programming and financial limitations, you have a problem.