Artscape Archives

Artscape has a 25-year history of Creative Placemaking in Toronto. In this collection of Artscape archives, you will find a collection of materials documenting Artscape’s evolving practice. News articles, archival newsletters, and other material provides a glimpse into the story of many of Artscape’s properties, and the collection of original publications documents some of the organization’s most prominent contributions to creative placemaking policy and research. 

Artscape in the News
Print and online media articles about Artscape’s people and projects.

Artscape Newsletters
A collection of Artscape newsletter publications spanning 25-years of Artscape’s work in Toronto.

Artscape Research Publications
In addition to its development activity, Artscape has a mandate to promote thought leadership and produce groundbreaking research in the field of Creative Placemaking. In this section, you’ll find links to Artscape’s original research publications. For more information on research and development and the Creative Placemaking Lab at Artscape, please click here.

External reports and other materials documenting Artscape’s history.