Additional Resources

This section provides an extensive listing of external resources related to planning, placemaking, and funding.

There are many ways that government planning tools, incentives, and programs can play a role in your project. These resources cover government legislation, programs, and policy; planning and development; development frameworks; brownfield redevelopment; grants and rebates, and more.

These resources include reports, information and research relevant to creative placemaking, cultural policy, social innovation, collaboration, entrepreneurship, social wellbeing, public space, artist live/work space and affordable housing

In addition to municipal, provincial, and Canada-wide funding programs, arts organizations may also find resources available from private organizations and foundations. Some funders have longstanding programs to meet a certain need, while others are developing new programs to respond to current issues in community building, economic development, or facing the creative sector at large. Each funder will have specific eligibility criteria related to things such as project or operating costs with requirements that also designate the exact type of cultural, community-based, creative, or artistic programming that is supported.