How to Qualify as an Artist Criteria

Artscape has developed eight criteria to evaluate if potential tenants qualify as an artist.

Artscape defines a professional artist as an individual who receives, or has received, professional recognition as defined by the following criteria:

1. Has presented his/her work to the public by means of exhibitions, publications, performance, readings, screenings, or by any other means appropriate to the nature of his/her work.

2. Is represented by a dealer, publisher, agent or similar representative appropriate to the nature of his/her work.

3. Devotes a reasonable proportion of his/her professional time as an artist to promoting or marketing his/her work, including but not limited to: presenting him/herself for auditions, seeking sponsorship, agent or engagements, or similar activities appropriate to the nature of his/her work.

4. Receives or has received compensation for his/her work, including but not limited to: sales, fees, commissions, royalties, residuals, grants and awards, any of which may reasonably be included as professional or business income.

5. Has record of income or loss relevant to the exploitation of his/her work and appropriate to the span of his/her artistic career.

6. Has received professional training, either in an educational institution or from a practitioner or teacher recognized within his/her profession.

7. Has received public or peer recognition in the form of honours, awards, professional prizes, or by publicly disseminated critical approval.

8. Has membership in a professional association appropriate to his/her artistic activity whose membership or categories of membership are limited under standards established by the association; or which is a trade union or is its equivalent appropriate to his/her artistic ability.

NOTE: Applicants do not have to meet all the criteria in order to be considered a professional artist; however, Artscape Artist Advisory Committee members use the criteria as a guide to determine eligibility. The decision of the committee is binding.