Artscape Tenant Charter Example

The Artscape Tenant Charter sets out the understanding between Artscape and the artists and organizations living and working in Artscape buildings that getting involved in an Artscape project is about more than just becoming a tenant. It is about joining the staff, Board and other tenants in their efforts to further Artscape’s work. It is also about keeping each other safe and working to ensure a fair, open and supportive tenant community.

The charter consciously recognizes and explicitly acknowledges Artscape and its wide cross-section of tenants as partners, as members of a community who are working together to retain and improve all aspects of the Artscape project in which they are involved. The intent of the charter is to outline the organization’s objectives and its operational philosophy, including shared values, organizing principles and responsibilities.

Issuing this charter is part of meeting our commitment to improve services to our tenants and to articulate how Artscape and the sub-tenants will work together. When developing your own  Tenant Charter, we recommend  that you collaborate with your tenants to develop these guiding principles and continue to ask for their input as amendments become necessary. Together with the lease, the charter forms the basis of the tenant’s relationship with their landlord.

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