What is Pre-Project Development?

Pre-project development encompasses the important work that needs to take place before your project’s physical development starts. This phase is critical, as you, your funders and partners need to be reassured that the project is in fact deliverable before the diggers start to break ground, or the sledgehammers start tearing down the old internal structures.


Pre-project development includes vision development, stakeholder engagement and partnership development, analysis and planning, preliminary design and development and project management team assembly. At Artscape we place considerable emphasis on developing a strong vision which is developed with and shared by a diverse range of stakeholders. The notion of a shared vision is the hallmark of all Artscape projects and is fundamental to building and maintaining momentum throughout the project.

Experience has taught us that proper investment in pre-project development is essential to ensure that we make informed decisions, cultivate and leverage support from a diversity of stakeholders, save money, maximize our investment and ensure long-term financial and operational stability.