Welcome to the Artscape DIY Creative Placemaking Toolbox!

How Do I Use This Toolbox?

Since developing its first project in the early 1990s, Artscape has developed a wealth of knowledge and materials around the practice of creative placemaking. Each of Artscape’s projects are unique, and require customized approaches and innovative solutions to become a reality.

The Artscape DIY Creative Placemaking Toolbox is designed to provide you with all of the tools and resources you’ll need to get started on your own cultural facility development or to explore the practice of creative placemaking. You may be a cultural organization looking to develop a space, a student researching culture-led regeneration, or an artist looking for tips on how to find and lease an affordable studio – whatever your needs, the Artscape DIY Creative Placemaking Toolbox has something for you.

For more information on Artscape, our buildings, news and events, or if you are an artist or arts organization interested in renting or purchasing space, please visit Artscape’s website here.

Not sure where to start? Explore the topic browser on the Creative Placemaking Toolbox home page, or have a look at our featured content. Throughout the toolbox you’ll find guides, tip sheets, templates, examples, and videos on a range of topics for you to discover. Links to additional information can also be found by visiting the resources section.

Work Space vs. Live/Work Space

Artscape’s projects span a range of uses, including both work only space and live/work space. Because the majority of Artscape’s properties are mixed-use, however, many of the materials you will find on Artscape DIY have been written with commercial or non-residential mixed-use spaces in mind. For example, the Commercial Sublease Example is generally geared towards leasing commercial space.

If you are largely interested in residential space development, it is important to keep in mind that many of the tools, templates, and guides available in the Creative Placemaking Toolbox are as applicable to residential space as they are to other types of spaces. Where possible, materials have been clearly marked when they are applicable to only one type of space.


Artscape serves as an intermediary organization for a wide range of partners and stakeholders. While we have tried to provide the most relevant and useful information possible, the resources set out within the Creative Placemaking Toolbox can only reflect the particular experiences, history, and practice of Artscape’s staff and partners. The applicability of all materials to any particular community or organization will depend on local context, organizational/community history, and a variety of other factors. Creative placemaking projects can be risky, expensive, and time consuming. We recommend that you take the advice of your board, subject specialists and consultants, and legal counsel as necessary when taking forward your project.

Downloadable documents (templates, examples, etc) provide examples of the content and form used commonly in documents of this type at Artscape. Please note that these documents should be used as samples only and may not be suitable for use in all situations. In some cases, Artscape recommends that users seek the advice of legal counsel before using the provided documents for any sort of legal or binding agreement. Where applicable, these documents have been clearly marked.

Resource Types

An extended explanation and how-to guide for using a tool, or a guide to a particular subject.

Snappy, summarized tips for a particular tool/section, highlighting the most important lessons to be learned in a helpful, memorable way.

Hear Artscape staff, community members, and partners talk about the practice of Creative Placemaking.

A downloadable template providing short cuts for users that can be adapted for general use.

View examples of documents Artscape has prepared during the procurement, development, and operations stages of its projects.