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‘Any colour you want’ at the new Painbox
“The 26-storey Paintbox, currently under construction at Dundas St. E. and Sackville St., is being built atop the new $24-million Regent Park arts and cultural centre.”
Ryan Starr – Toronto Star/Yourhomes.ca – September 9, 2011


The city’s next talent incubator starts putting down its Regent Park roots
“This summer, CSI will open its third location in the now-under-construction Regent Park
Arts and Cultural Centre at Dundas and Sackville, part of phase two of the decade-long
Regent Park revitalization plan.”

Scott Dagostino – Yonge Street Media – February 1, 2012

Regent Park dance studio heralds culture of change
“Arts to be at heart of redevelopment of troubled neighbourhood”
Margo Kelly – CBC News – February 14, 2012

Art fights stereotypes in Regent Park
Covering the release of five mini-documentaries about Regent Park youth created to celebrate the opening of the centre.
Carys Mills – The Globe and Mail – August 15, 2012

New cultural centre breathes life and colour into Regent Park
“There was a time Torontonians avoided Regent Park like the plague; now they seek it out like a breath of
fresh air.”

Christopher Hume – Toronto Star – September 17, 2012

Regent Park’s Arts and Cultural Centre prepares to open its doors
“The new Regent Park Arts and Cultural Centre takes art out of church basements and school cafeterias and into a
custom-built space.”

Sarah-Joyce Battersby – The Torontoist Cityscape – September 17, 2012