Advancing Toronto’s Centre for Creative Sector Entrepreneurship: Research and Sector Engagement Findings

Artscape, 2011
In February of 2011, Artscape released a report – Advancing Toronto’s Centre for Creative Sector Entrepreneurship – that presents the findings of a 12-month-long research and sector engagement study that sought to understand the macro-market challenges facing the creative and cultural sector in Toronto.

The report calls for the creation of centre that will cultivate the entrepreneurial capacity and business skills of self-employed individuals and micro-businesses across a spectrum of creative and cultural sector enterprises. The centre would support the development of a resilient, sustainable, innovative and successful sector that makes a growing contribution to the prosperity of the city.

“It is time to give creative and cultural sector workers better tools to help them thrive so that they are better able to spread their creativity across the city and make an even greater contribution to the city’s prosperity,” said Tim Jones, President and CEO of Artscape. “If the first wave of Cultural Renaissance helped put ‘creativity on display’ in our city, the second wave in contrast needs to be about putting ‘creativity to work’.”

The report recommends that GTA needs a place that acts as a portal to what is available, while at the same time clustering and coordinating the efforts of those providing services.

Work on the study was guided by an Advisory Committee consisting of representatives from the City of Toronto Economic Development Office, Cultural Careers Council Ontario, Toronto Fashion Incubator, Toronto Business Development Centre and Ontario Ministry of Culture. The study was funded in part by The Ontario Trillium Foundation Future Fund and the City of Toronto Economic Development & Culture Division.