Creative Spaces Outside the Core is a community-led, capacity-building and partnership development initiative designed to support the planning and development of community cultural hubs and other forms of arts infrastructure in areas outside of Toronto’s core. The initiative is facilitated by Artscape and supported by a multi-agency, cross-sectoral partnership comprised of local art service organizations, community service agencies, affordable housing providers, Toronto Arts Council, and the City of Toronto. 

Why outside the core? 
Cultural space development is critical to building livable cities, playing a vital role in neighbourhood vitality, community well-being, and economic sustainability.  Cultural spaces are particularly important to communities outside of Toronto’s downtown core, yet these are the very communities that face the most dramatic challenges arising from low population density, connectivity issues, and lack of human and financial resources. Creative Spaces Outside the Core is  committed to addressing these systemic challenges by leveraging the power of partnerships to support the development of cultural infrastructure outside Toronto’s core.   

Read the final report for the 2013-2014 program.

Partnership Exchange
November 2, 2015

Creative Spaces Partnership 
 is a cross-sector 
networking and capacity building 
event. This annual event presents
a unique opportunity to advance partnerships and 
build capacity in support of
cultural space 
outside Toronto’s downtown core.
Roundtable Meetings
October-November 2013

Three roundtable meetings took
place in 2013 to bring partners
and invited stakeholders together
to identify places of opportunity,
learn about models, and build
partner capacity in Toronto
neighbourhoods outside the core.
Each discussion was be enriched
with a site tour better understand
neighbourhood context. 
Public Webinars
May-November 2013

Four free webinars were offered
based on the theme New Models
for Cultural Infrastructure Development. 
The webinars helped contribute to partner
enrichment and public knowledge about cultural infrastructure 
development.The webinar 
platform allows knowledge to be disseminated to a wide audience
and opened up a conversation 
between neighbourhoods
and cities.

Creative Spaces Outside the Core is supported by the following partners: 

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