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The imperative to collaborate is shared across many disciplines and sectors. It is rooted in the need to solve persistent multidimensional problems and a growing appreciation of how collaboration fuels innovation.
It is about blurring boundaries between audience and creator, inspiring us to build infrastructure differently, and forcing us to think about new ways of doing things. In businesses, governments and NGOs, people are being called upon to break out of their silos, rise above self-interest for the common good and get creative with their colleagues in other departments and sectors.

The overarching idea behind Artscape’s 2009 conference, Creative Places and Spaces: The Collaborative City, was that collaboration fuels innovation by connecting people, places and ideas. The Collaborative City gave individuals and organizations from distinct and diverse sectors the opportunity to engage in a dialogue that helps advance our cities and countries to new levels of collaboration, creativity and innovation.

In order to keep the conversation alive and collaboration at the forefront of our practice, Artscape commissioned a series of brief films featuring key messages from leading thinkers from our conference roster, including Sir Ken Robinson, David Buckland, Charles Landry and Richard Florida, along with a series of “on location” films featuring fantastic examples of innovative collaborations from across Canada.

Click here to watch these films on Artscape’s Vimeo channel, or scroll down to view and read a complete list of film descriptions.

Film List

         Changing Course
The Toronto Sports Leadership Program (TSLP) was created by six community organizations who came together in response to high incidence of youth-on-youth gun violence in the summer of 2005.

Trails of the City: Melbourne’s Laneways
In Australia, Melbourne’s laneways have been transformed from narrow functional alleys to dynamic cultural spaces. This evolution is the result of a cultural awakening among the city’s creative entrepreneurs. Rather than working to block projects and control development, the city worked with private interests and artists to encourage the laneways’ progress.

Nerd Jam
The Vancouver Design Nerds are a group of young design professionals interested in sustainability. This action-oriented collective functions as an open and inclusive team to create projects and construct ideas that engage the public realm of a city.
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Transforming Montreal: A Collaborative City
This film tells the story of how that city became a world headquarter of design as a result of a shared vision. Montreal’s design community was able to mobilize public and private arts bodies to support its bid to house a group of world-renowned design organizations. The result of this collaboration is the Quartier international, a building that acts as a hub for digital media and design in the city.
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Transformation of Place: Rural Renaissance in Prince Edward County
Prince Edward County is not the quiet rural place it once was; today the landscape is dotted with art galleries and music halls, as well as a growing group of creative professionals. This video tells the story of Prince Edward County’s rural renaissance, and how it emerged from the collective desires of local creative entrepreneurs.
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Autism a Diversified Perspective
Scientists, physicians, psychologists and experts from various specialties come together at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children in the Autism Research Unit to share knowledge and make big discoveries.
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Beyond Science: Broadening the Reach of Collaborative Practice
Aled Edwards, chief executive of the Structural Genomics Consortium, Pekka Sinervo, senior vice-president, research at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, and Ilse Treurnicht, CEO of MaRS Discovery District, discuss how collaboration between scientists helps find new technologies and effectively develops tools for better medicine.
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Charles Landry: Creative Bureaucracy
Charles Landry, urban thinker, author and founder of UK-based Comedia, discusses these two opposing terms, and how organization coupled with inspirational leaders can lead to creative bureaucracy.
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The Art of Climate Change
In The Art of Climate Change, artist David Buckland explores what happens when artists collaborate with scientists and educators to address global warming. Cape Farewell’s highly successful artistic intervention has spurred worldwide activity and underlines the power of artistic engagement to stimulate and envision the necessary cultural shift to build a sustainable society.
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Collaborative Leadership
Speakers David A. Wolfe, co-director of the Program on Globalization and Regional Innovation Systems (PROGRIS), Lyn Heward, consultant and executive producer of Cirque Du Soleil, and Tonya Surman, founder and executive Director of the Centre for Social Innovation, discuss collaboration at the Creative Places and Spaces Conference (2009).
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21C Learning Community Toolkit
This video explores how a small Cree reservation in northern Alberta has employed an innovative learning game called Prelude. The collaboration between the game’s inventor, educational experts and, most importantly, the teachers and children of the Bigstone Cree Nation demonstrates that imaginative solutions to longstanding problems are possible.
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Interventionist Media
What happens when a hospital and a filmmaker collaborate with homeless youth, medical staff, police officers and cyclists? In this pilot project, Katerina Cizek, filmmaker-in-residence at the National Film Board of Canada, teams up with partners on the frontlines at St. Michael’s Hospital: doctors, nurses, researchers and patients. 
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Oh, The Places We’ll Go...Through Collaboration!
Alison Hewitt, director of social entrepreneurship at MaRS, discusses key lessons from the Creative Places and Spaces conference in a Dr. Seuss-style address.
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Richard Florida: The Great Reset
Richard Florida, author of Who’s Your City, and director of the Martin Prosperity Institute, believes a “crisis is a terrible thing to waste”, and that great change and innovation in cities will come out of the economic crisis.
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Sir Ken Robinson: Collaboration in the 21st Century
Sir Ken Robinson, PhD, is an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation and human resources. He has led and advised high-impact national commissions on creativity, education and the economy in Europe, Asia and the United States. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, national governments and some of the world’s leading cultural organizations.
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Creative Places + Spaces: Why Collaborate?
To kick off The Campaign of Ideas: Video Knowledge Exchange series, Artscape commissioned Storyboard Ink to develop a three-episode film which reflects on the overarching conference themes and the lessons learned at the conference. The first episode, entitled “Why Collaborate?” features graphic recordings and short video clips from Sir Ken Robinson, Richard Florida, David Buckland, Tim Jones and Simon Brault.
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Creative Places + Spaces: Collaboration Fuels Innovation
The second video in The Campaign of Ideas: Video Knowledge Exchange series is called  “Collaboration Fuels Innovation” and reflects on the key lessons from the Creative Places + Spaces: The Collaborative City conference, coupled with Storyboard Ink’s visual storytelling.
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Creative Places + Spaces: What We Learned
The third video in The Campaign of Ideas: Video Knowledge Exchange series reflects on three key lessons that have traditionally held us back from collaborating effectively and features quotes from speakers at Creative Places + Spaces: The Collaborative City conference that will help us move forward.
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What Is The Collaborative City: Peter Kageyama
Peter Kageyama, associate producer of Creative Places and Spaces, discusses the new paradigm and asks, what exactly is a collaborative city?
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Artistic Interventions: Elley-Ray Hennessey
Elley-Ray Hennessey, artistic director of Creative Places and Spaces, discusses the thought process behind the creation of the conference.
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Collaboration Between Art & Science. Aled Edwards and Sara Diamond
Aled Edwards and Sara Diamond ponder the question: How can collaboration between art and science help shape our future city?
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Collaborative Leadership – sounds like an oxymoron, but is it?
If it’s not an oxymoron, then what goes into architecting effective collaborative efforts and steering multiple stakeholders through a project; and what kinds of people are best suited to do it? Hosted by Ajay Agrawal and Ana Serrano.
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