How to Qualify as a Not-for-Profit Arts Professional

Artscape uses six criteria to evaluate if a potential tenant qualifies as a Not-for-Profit Arts Professional.
Artscape defines a not-for-profit arts professional as an individual who has been employed on a full-time basis for a minimum of five years by a registered not-for-profit arts organization and whose career has demonstrated a commitment to the field of arts and culture.

Artscape defines a not-for-profit arts and culture organization as one that operates to support any of the following criteria:

1. The operation and administration of museums, historic sites, performing and visual arts organizations.

2. Provides financial support for cultural activity and/or individual artists.

3. Promotes or supports public art projects in both private and public developments.

4. Supports, promotes and/or assists in the development of arts and/or cultural activities.

5. Enhances and promotes cultural attractions for their community.

6. Is registered as a not-for-profit corporation.

NOTE: Applicants do not have to meet all the criteria in order to be considered a not-for-profit arts professional; however, the Artscape Artist Advisory Committee members will use the criteria as a guide to determine of eligibility. The decision of the committee is binding.
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