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We are thought leaders in creative placemaking and we bring years of experience in education and facilitation through conferences, workshops, networking events and roundtable meetings.  Our roster of capacity building events is always evolving to meet the needs of communities. Currently we offer the following opportunities:

paid workshops geared to leaders working in public, private, not-for-profit or social enterprise sectors
Our workshops focus on the founding principles and typology of creative placemaking practice and putting them into action. Available in tailored or standard format, workshops teach participants how to identify, evaluate, vision and actuate a creative placemaking project. Learn about current workshops offered.
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Mentorship and Coaching
fee-for-service custom program geared to municipalities, not-for-profits and social enterprise
Nothing can match the value of direct engagement. Artscape best practices have proven invaluable to numerous projects. Our mentorship and coaching program is designed to build the capacity of organizations across Canada and internationally to develop the strategic, organizational and individual leadership skills to develop cultural facilities built from the ground up with the local community, supporting projects which are designed to serve the needs of the wider arts and cultural sectors and drive a broader agenda advancing public policy objectives, private development interests, and community aspirations.

We bring expertise on a range of sustainable facility development models including community cultural hubs, multi-tenant, live/work, and performance spaces that support artists and creative sector workers. Mentorship and coaching program participants work closely with Artscape’s senior specialist staff in a program of work that supports:

  • Build and enhance project-specific leadership skills
  • Build the capacity of staff and board members
  • Activate a program of community and stakeholder engagement
  • Develop a strong shared vision and case for support
  • Complete a feasibility study
  • Conduct a Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) process
  • Develop comprehensive capital and operational budget pro formas
  • Develop a sustainable business plan
  • Undergo a strategic planning process
  • Advance a broad range of partnerships
  • Enhance the reach and impacts of your project
  • Leverage planning and fiscal tools, and other incentives
  • Ensure a seamless transfer to operations
  • Build systems for the successful operation of your project
  • Build tenant and community engagement
  • Evaluate and innovate your program model
As the particular needs of each organization are unique, there is no “typical” program of activities. Ranging from short-term interventions to long-term projects, Artscape works with each client to build a custom designed program from a menu of components that will suit their particular need and timeline. If you would like to know more about engaging us as a mentor and coach please contact Kasia Gladki.
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fee-for-service scope of work
Artscape acts as a consultant on a select and limited number of projects including feasibility studies, community engagement programs, and pre-development research. We have supported public and private sector organizations that are motivated and interested in incorporating creative placemaking strategies in their work. Our understanding of complex development models that anchor sustainable creative space in communities, and deep knowledge of the pre-development process that supports successful projects is an asset we can bring in a consulting role. If you would like to know more about engaging Artscape as a consultant please contact Kasia Gladki.
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